Thursday, July 31, 2008

Latest Book - Be Your Own Boss Vol 1

My third book titled "Be Your Own Boss" Volume 1 comes out of the printers this week. The book provides 18 compelling reasons why students, school leavers, unemployed people and even those who have jobs, need to consider becoming self-employed.

I had 2,000 copies of volume 1 printed. So far, confirmed orders total 1,720 copies, so it will have to be reprinted immediately.

I am really happy with the way my books are being received by the reading public. "Success After Graduation" and "Young Money" are completely sold out and need to be reprinted as well. Such a positive response motivates me to write more.

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Anonymous said...

Country man, Very true as per your statement "Only lazy people hang around and feed on others with the excuse that they cannot find a job."

Perhaps I'll attain a copy of your book if I can. Anyways, you've a well informed blog here.

Marcello AGEN.