Thursday, July 31, 2008

Talk On Radio

My weekly radio talks on the local radio station (Radio Eastern Highlands - KBK FM) are continuing every Wednesday morning from 07:30 to 08:00 am.

This week's message was on the 4 types of income people receive, namely "earned" income, "passive" income, "portfolio" income and "residual" income. My encouragement to listeners, most of whom are familiar with "earned" income, was for them to think about how they can receive the other types of income. I pointed out that "earned" income is received from people working for money, but "passive" and "portfolio" income are received from peoples' money working for them. Listeners were encouraged to convert "earned" income to "passive" and "portfolio" income.

According to the Station Manageress, this was the best talk yet. She also informed me that the station has been receiving very positive comments from the listening public. Some people have requested copies of the interviews and talks on CD, which is another way to disseminate the information. I am seriously considering recording talks and duplicating them as the information I am providing is relevant and needed at this point in time when the prices of goods are skyrocketing and most working people are living in debt.

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