Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Weekend Seminar In Mt Hagen

I have just returned from a weekend program at the Philedelphia Praise Centre in Mount Hagen where I conducted a seminar on "Making Money Work For You" and preaching on Faith at the sunday service. The program commenced on Friday night, at which I shared 5 guiding principles concerning money, wealth and God from the Bible. Then on Saturday I shared in the morning,afternoon and night on 4 steps to making money become your servant. On Sunday night I gave a special teaching on the Bible from Malachi 3:7-10, where I emphasised the importance of investing part of the 90% of income which we keep for ourselves after giving 10% as our tithes.

The response from the congregation was very positive. I am confident that many will become better managers (stewards)and investors of their money.

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