Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Seminar with Coffee Industry Corporation Staff

The Coffee Industry Corporation (CIC) - my former employer - is the second organisation in the country to engage me to conduct the "7 Steps To Financial Freedom" seminar. I spent the last 2 days with staff in the CIC's head office in Goroka, to be followed by another 2 days in Aiyura with the research and extension staff.

Mr. Ricky Mitio, CEO, was kind enough to be present to make some remarks. He basically told the participants that he considered the seminar to be beneficial for them, because it is only when people manage their finances well that they are able to perform well at work. According to him, financial problems lead to may staff not giving their best to the employer. He stated that in his view CIC staff were adequatey remunerated, but what is important is how people manage their salaries. He also remined staff that there is "life after CIC", and how they lived then will depend on how they manage their income now.

The seminar was timely in many ways, one of which is the fact that the future of the majority of CIC staff is doubtful in view of a Board decision to employ people with a minimum of a first degree in the key positions within the organisation. If this decision is implemented, many of the current employee will need to go back to school or they will be retrenched or made redundant.

I am sure that many employees in the country are faced with a similar bleak future. I am hopeful that other employers will give me the opportunity to talk to their employees in the way the Hastings Deering and the CIC have done.