Wednesday, September 3, 2008

First-Ever Stock Market Investing Class

I have been receiving a lot of queries from people who want to know about how they can invest in the stock market. I am therefore preparing a full day seminar on the subject, which I would like to call the "Stock Market Investing Class". The class will cover the subject in more detail than the only other seminar, which is the 3-hour "First Time Investors' Seminar" conducted by the Port Moresby Stock Exchange, Bank of PNG, BSP Capital Ltd and Kina Securities Ltd (The last two companies being stock brokers).

The subjects I intend to cover include the importance of goal-setting, financial planning, how stock markets are organised and function, the process of buying and selling shares, how to decide which company to invest in and when to buy or sell (fundamental and technical analysis), how to read price quotations,indices and commentary, etc. I am sure that participants will learn alot from this seminar which I intend to conduct in every major town in PNG.

I will publish the actual dates and venues on this site as well as advice my readers and fans via email when I am ready.

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