Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Seminar in Tabubil, 19-21 August 08

As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, I was up in Tabubil from 19 to 21 August to conduct the "7 Steps To Financial Freedom" seminar for Hastings & Deering Ltd. I really enjoyed the few days in that mining township, with all its constant raining and the sense of peace and security. One thing that came across to me strongly was the fact that the houses in Tabubil don't have any fences at all, unlike all the major towns and cities of PNG. It was like living in a small town in Australia, where people are free to walk around without looking over their backs or employing security guards to protect their properties.

Anyway, as I said, I totally enjoyed the short stay in Tabubil. And I enjoyed the seminar as well. One of the things I stressed constantly was the importance of knowing ourselves when it comes to money matters. I pointed out that one of the main reasons people struggle financially is that they do not really know themselves well, with the result that they live below their potential and they constantly attempt to emulate other peoples' living standards and lifestyles.

I stressed that one of the keys to changed habits and financial success is the ability to frankly admit our weaknesses and decide to change. Most people want to change but don't have the will to change. Some give the excuse that they need time to change. But the truth is that change does not take a lot of time. Anyone who is determined to change can change, literally in a moment of time.

We heard a testimony from Mr. Paul David of how he decided to stop drinking beer twenty years ago. He said that he just decided to quit and has never touched a drop ever since. He did not wait for 1st of January to make a New Year's Resolution. He did not make a big announcement to his family and friends. He just quit!

In a previous posting, I told of how a woman stopped chewing betel nuts. She just decided that she was going to stop, and she did it without any fanfare.

There is never a perfect time to change. Every moment of every day is an opportunity to change. If we really want to change, we can change without any prompting from any one. As they say, "Where there is a will, there is a way".

Most people struggle financially because of bad money habits. It is not that they don't earn enough; it is that they don't manage their money due to habits such as buying things just because other people have those things, or buying things on the spur of the moment without planning to do so.

The response from the people at Hastings Deering Tabubil was very positive. They earn alot of money which they have misused up to the time of the seminar. I hope that I have imparted something into them which will help them to become more prudent managers of their money.

One of the things we agreed is that many of them will meet me in some corner of PNG and they will tell me how they have used the information to change their lives and their financial affairs, and especially how much better off they are. They will tell me of the businesses, properties and shares they own. I am confident this will happen.

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