Wednesday, June 11, 2008

"Young Money" Radio Talk

Last week I appeared on Radio Eastern Highlands (Krai Bilong Kumul - KBK)for the first time. Station Manageress Agnes Inape introduced me to the listeners and conducted a 20-minute live interview on my book "Young Money". Following this interview, she was kind enough to arrange for me to talk on the station every Wednesday morning between 7:30 and 08:00 am.

This morning I talked for about 30 minutes. I talked about money problems faced by working people in PNG and gave a brief run-down of the topics I will be covering in future talks, based on the book.

I look forward to another opportunity to help people become better managers of their personal finances.

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Kumiapona said...


I had the chance to go through your blog. Great to see that you're on air with the Provincial radio stations to get your message across.

God bless,

David K. Ulg
Michigan, USA