Wednesday, June 11, 2008

"Seven Steps To Financial Freedom" Workshop in Lae, 21-24 May

I conducted the first "Seven Steps To Financial Freedom" Workshop with staff of Hastings Deering in Lae from 21 to 24 May. I believe it was the first time such a workshop has been conducted in PNG. Thirty-two employees participated in the workshop over 3 days.

Achieving Financial Freedom was presented as a journey involving 7 logical steps, which are actually 7 questions people need to ask themselves:

Question # 1. Who Am I (when it comes to financial matters?)
Question # 2. Where Am I financially?
Question # 3. Why Am I Where I Am?
Question # 4. Where Do I Want To Go?
Question # 5. Why Do I Want To Go There?
Question # 6. How Do I Get There?
Question # 7. How Do I Know I Am On Track?

The notes were in English but the workshop was presented in Pidgin. All examples were in the PNG context and cultural background.

Participants commented favourably on the presentation. They were grateful that their employer was willing to help them with their financial affairs. Ray Ninnes, Area Manager for Hastings PNG & Solomon Islands, flew over from Port Moresby to introduce me to his staff and open the workshop. He encouraged his employees to save as much money as they could while they had their jobs. He went further to say that anyone who saved their money and left the company to start their own businesses would go with his blessings.

I was happy with the way the workshop went. I am grateful to the company for giving me the opportunity to make my first-ever presentation on the subject of financial freedom. The next one will be with Hastings staff in Port Moresby, which will be in early July. I am looking foreward to it

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