Sunday, April 13, 2008

2nd Book - "Young Money"

"Young Money", my second book was launched this month. It provides advice for working people on how they can manage their personal finances. The sub title is "What Working Class People Need To Know And Do To Achieve Financial Independence And Freedom."

The book's contents are as follows:

Foreword by Samuel Tam, Founder of Entrepreneurial Development Training Center & Master Trainer of Personal Viability Program
Introduction Academic Excellence And Professional Success Does Not Guarantee Financial Success
Chapter 1 Making Sense Of Your Pay Cheque
Chapter 2 The Budget: Your Personal Plan For Financial Success
Chapter 3 Cash Flow Management: Your Key To Financial Success
Chapter 4 Your Personal Financial Statement
Chapter 5 The Difference Between Needs, Wants, Assets And Liabilities
Chapter 6 Living Above, Below And Within Your Means
Chapter 7 Bad Spending Habits To Avoid
Chapter 8 Paying Yourself First Or Saving: The Only Way To Succeed Financially
Chapter 9 Investing: Putting Your Money To Work For You
Chapter 10 The Power Of Giving And Receiving
Chapter 11 Lending: How To Operate Like The Bank
Chapter 12 The Difference Between Good Debt And Bad Debt, And How To Use Good Debt To Get Ahead Financially
Chapter 13 Gambling Is Like Chasing The Wind
Chapter 14 Think Long Term And Act Daily
Chapter 15 Now Do It!

The book is priced at K40/copy (K50 including postage anywhere in Papua New Guinea).

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