Sunday, April 13, 2008

1st Book - "Success After Graduation"

"Success After Graduation", my first book, was published in 2006 The book provides practical advice for school leavers on what life is like after school. It has become popular withs students throughout the country. The book's contents are as follows:

Foreword by Grand Chief Sir Paulias Matane
Introduction Graduation Is Like Leaving The Lagoon For The Open Sea
Chapter 1 A Job Is Not Guaranteed
Chapter 2 The Job Market Is A Buyers’ Market
Chapter 3 How To Write A Job Application Letter
Chapter 4 How To Perform At A Job Interview
Chapter 5 Work Habits That Will Help You Rise Up The Corporate Ladder And Keep Your Job
Chapter 6 Develop Good Interpersonal Relationships
Chapter 7 Form Success-Oriented Associations
Chapter 8 Job Security Is Dead
Chapter 9 Planning For Early Retirement
Chapter 10 What To Do When Fired
Chapter 11 Create Your Own Job If Nobody Gives You One
Chapter 12 Marriage And Financial Security
Chapter 13 Education Does Not Stop At Graduation
Conclusion Life Teaches Differently From What School Teaches

It is selling at K40/copy (K50 including postage any where in PNG).

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