Wednesday, January 29, 2014


In Be Your Own Boss Volume I, I provided 18 reasons why you need to consider becoming self-employed and going into business for yourself. For the benefit of those who may not have read the book (and for those who have read it, it is always good to recap) the reasons were:

1. Jobs are scarce.
2. Jobs are not safe and secure.
3. Earn several income types.
4. Have multiple streams of income.
5. Have unlimited earning potential.
6. Achieve financial independence and freedom.
7 Gain control over time, one of your greatest resources.
8. Gain control over income, tax and life.
9. Leverage other peoples’ time and skills to get ahead.
10. Contribute to job creation.
11. Develop better money habits.
12. Make money work for you rather than you working for money.
13. Develop cost-consciousness and profit-mindedness.
14. Realise your potential.
15. Develop your “survivor’s instinct”.
16. Protect your assets.
17. Enjoy tax advantages available to the informal sector self-employed.
18. Enjoy tax advantages available to companies.

I have received many encouraging comments from people who read the book. I am also aware that several people have already resigned from work to start their own businesses. It was not my intention to have people resign from work, but I also know that you cannot read such a book and not get challenged. So I can understand why people have resigned from work to become self-employed. In fact, if I had read such a book when I held a job, I would have resigned too.

In case you have not read Volume I, I would encourage you to grab hold of a copy because it contains some very interesting information and life-changing ideas. You will also read my own personal story as an introduction to the book, which should motivate you and enable you to know that what I have presented in both books is based largely on personal experience.
Be Your Own Boss Volume II is a continuation of the discussion on the reasons for becoming self-employed. It starts with Reason Number 19, and provides 10 more reasons why you need to seriously consider becoming self-employed and minding your own business.
As I have reported, some people have testified that the book has challenged them to think seriously about starting their own small businesses, while several have already been inspired to launch out into the risky and deep waters of business.
One reader actually reported that he had made K60,000 in his first venture six weeks after reading Volume I. He had been employed for many years as an electrician but had never seen so much money in his life. After reading the book, he made his first attempt at being self-employed, and he landed a K60,000 contract.

He told me several months later that he was living in a new world. He likened his old life to those of the Europeans who believed that the world was flat, which caused them to fear venturing out too far in case they came to the end of the world and fell into an endless abyss. But when Christopher Columbus sailed to America and back, he proved that the world is round. This caused all other sailors to take long voyages and discover new worlds. Likewise, he was living in a new world which was closed to him because the only safe world he knew was one of working for others for his livelihood. Reading the book was like me having pushed him off his safety zone and into the deep sea, for which he was grateful, as now he is living a completely different life.
So from the feedback I have been receiving so far, I can confidently say that Volume I should have been sufficient to convince those that have read it about the possibilities and the potential benefits of being their own bosses. But in case it has not been convincing and persuasive enough, Volume II should ‘put the nail to the coffin’ as it were of any doubt or hesitation. It should push you over the edge of the cliff or the deep end of the sea.


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